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The Pakistan Society of Hematology (P.S.H) has been founded to promote and foster the exchange of information relating to blood, blood-forming tissues, and blood diseases. The Society is aimed to serve as a forum for bringing together practitioners and those involved in the practice of Haematology in Pakistan and abroad.
  Aims And Objective
To Promote the advancement of Haematology, including transfusion medicine, through encouragement of research, improvement of teaching and technical methods, organizations of affiliations with other national and international organizations.
To provide a forum for persons practicing Haematology and transfusion medicine to discuss problems and to formulate and present agreed viewpoint at national and international forum.
To offer guidance and training to qualified doctors in order to prepare for postgraduate examinations in the subject of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine.
To coordinate and standardize the practice of Haematology through expert committees.

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